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A Blogging Case Study

Brandlective® were sourced by The Beauty Group London to produce blog posts that would encourage engagement with the brand from their target audience both directly on the blog, and via Twitter.

The key challenge was that The Beauty Group planned to close the online purchase options for their products and move their sales to retail only in the form of pop-up events. Brandlective® were instructed to find a balance with content and images in appealing to both British teens and young adults. The purpose of this was to not only increase shared content online, but also to increase foot traffic for their local pop-up events.


Brandlective® moved The Beauty Group Blog from Blogspot to a brand name hosted URL to allow full control over the SEO and content creation. Content for the blog focuses on 3 key themes - seasonal content, featured products and beauty tips / advice. By concentrating the content across these themes, Brandlective® ensures content is easily recognisable and offers regular readers lucidity on the topics they expect to see.



Industry and seasonal trends play an important role in Brandlective®’s content creation strategy for The Beauty Group Blog. The tone used throughout The Beauty Group Blog is a ‘conversational human voice’ which Brandlective® recommended due to the young demographic of the audience, and the correlation this tone of voice has to relational outcomes (Trust, Satisfaction, Control Mutuality, and Commitment). Weekly posts are consistently published on The Beauty Group Blog.



The Beauty Group Blog reported a 1040% increase in traffic to their blog after 12 months of Brandlective®’s contributions to the Blog. The most powerful recommendation for Brandlective® is that The Beauty Group see the Agency as a valued extension of their business, and have opted to extend their contract and continue using Brandlective’s® content creation services for a further 3 years.


Creative Blog Posts

Coming up with ideas for blog posts week after week can prove to be a real challenge for small-medium sized businesses, who are often short of time and find it difficult to make content marketing a priority! However, it is important, and that's why we're here to help.