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Mon Dessert specialise in high-end gift products, and their flagship product is a macaron-making kit that takes the hassle and fuss out of a notoriously tricky bake. Before they worked with Brandlective, they had minimal social media presence, and it felt like there was no brand - it was a bit hollow. They had a logo and website, but there wasn’t really a following online. Their biggest challenge was to be seen by their target market.

Social media was utilised to help put Mon Dessert on the map, specifically with Instagram which showcases the creativity and sheek qualities of the brand perfectly. Industry hashtag trends and post types were incorporated into a strategy that is still in place today. Promotions and giveaways have featured heavily in our content strategy for Mon Dessert, as well as offline events such as the bloggers workshop that was held in Borough Market. It’s taken time to build a following of people and a presence online, but that is now paying dividends with click through’s to their website resulting in sales. There’s obviously a lot of other things that have helped Mon Dessert grow, but social media has kept the ball rolling.

Before working with Brandlective Mon Dessert was receiving 0 sales from their website. Now, it’s a weekly occurrence. Mon Dessert have developed a genuine following of foodies through our social media services, and when people now search for Mon Dessert online they get a much better first impression than they did 12 months ago. The consistency and on-brand nature of their content that goes out is extremely pleasing.

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Samina, founder of Mon Dessert:

“To go from zero to that kind of consistency is huge for our business - people actually come to our website to buy our products. The fact that people are searching for our brand and buying our products from countries all over the world, to me, is just incredible.”