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#JustSayYes Social Media Campaign

Bioceutica set about working with experts to develop a unique nutritional experience for consumers to prevent them from under or over supplementing. Their custom nutrition products were an instant hit with US consumers, who enjoyed the security of knowing that they were getting the right supplements for their biochemistry, and achieving a natural and healthy balance. The challenge Brandlective® faced was engaging Bioceutica’s target audience and incentivising them to participate.


Brandlective® have worked as Bioceutica‘s lead online marketers for the past 2 years. After successfully cementing a clear brand identity across the digital landscape, Bioceutica called upon Brandlective® to brainstorm, plan, design and implement their #JustSayYes marketing campaign aimed at attracting new consultants to join their network marketing empire.  Since beginning in the mid 1990’s, Bioceutica has grown to become a huge national phenomenon within the nutritional supplement industry. The business was established in response to a growing concern among consumers about the ‘one size fits all’ nutrition and vitamin supplements available across the US.



Considering that those already working as consultants for Bioceutica demonstrated enthusiasm for the brand and also had the potential to benefit from growing their network of consultants, Brandlective® created an anthem for sharing content from the campaign with the use of a hashtag #JustSayYes. #JustSayYes was a cross channel campaign supported by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Brandlective® strategically leveraged paid social to hyper-target people associated with nutrition, healthy living and cross referenced with those interested in or related to network marketing opportunities, or had expressed interest in becoming financially free. The socially-driven campaign enabled the Bioceutica community to share beautiful graphics and inspiriting quotes from the campaign to their personal network as well as pull from the stock of content Brandlective® created to build credibility and authority for the network marketing opportunity.



By creating a shared space for conversations around Bioceutica to take place, Brandlective® successfully increased the brands market reach and drove awareness of Bioceutica’s network marketing opportunity which has led to exceptional results for 2016. The success of the campaign is highlighted by the introduction of:

- 2 New District Directors
- 4 New Regional Managers
- 9 New Area Managers
- 6 New District Managers