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Giving Back to the SME Community

BrandMag magazine is a free resource for small-medium sized business owners, keeping them up to date within the world of digital marketing. The magazine includes personal stories from business owners throughout the globe who provide insights into their success, and share top tips to becoming opinion leaders in your industry. The rest of the magazine is saturated with bite-size, snackable content that breaks down industry jargon barriers, and delivers valuable need to know information.


Brandlective needed to produce a high-quality magazine that appealed to small business owners, whilst keeping it a free resource. They key challenge was appealing to SME’s from a diverse range of industries, and being able to supply enough relevant content for a bi-monthly magazine.



The 24-page magazine was designed as a resource for business owners to keep up to date with industry updates. To address the key challenge of engaging business owners from all walks of life, Brandlective made the decision to use BrandMag as a platform for SME’s to promote their own businesses through advertorial content and placed ads. As well as the design for the print version of BrandMag, Brandlective also acts as editor and content creator for the magazine to date.



Six months after the launch of the industry magazine, Brandlective confirmed an 800% increase in demand for magazine design work. By the time the magazine celebrated its first year in print it acted as a platform for 36 business owners to promote their businesses free of charge, offering a risk-free opportunity to build further awareness of their brands, products and services.


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