Reviews matter! They have a direct link to sales and ROI

  • 78% of people research a product or brand online before making a purchase
  • 90% of people trust recommendations from people they DON’T know.
  • 80% of customers reverse their purchase after reading a negative review online.

We Protect Brand Reputations to ensure your new and existing customers review your business in a positive light.

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Online Brand Reputation Management

Monitoring of your online brands reputation should be a high priority for any business or individual. The perception your audience have of your brand can impact how successful you are.

Brand Protection and Reputation Monitoring Services:

      • Monthly reporting of your Brands Reputation
      • Engagement and conversations in online communities
      • Monitoring of media mentions of your brand
      • Analysis of your Competitors online reputations
      • Monitoring the reputation of your CEO or Senior Management

At Brandlective Communications we are very aggressive at fighting negative and incorrect content on the Internet.

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