New Exciting Product Launching Soon

We are very excited to be launching a new product – keep an eye out for an invitation to our webinar to find out more…

Brandlective: Why is tone of voice important in content marketing?

Why is tone of voice important in content marketing?

Tone of voice is not what you say but how you say it and this can be difficult to convey in content marketing. Today we discuss why tone of voice is important and how a brand can develop its own tone of voice. Continue Reading

First impressions: Brandlective Communications reveals what makes a great company slogan

What makes a great company slogan?

Slogans are used by brands with the aim of getting stuck in the minds of their target audience – and potentially staying there. Although difficult to execute, just a handful of meticulously chosen words can convey a huge amount of invaluable information to a potential buyer. Digital marketing agency Brandlective Communications explores what it takes to ‘make company slogans great again’… Continue Reading