Brandlective: 4 steps to a more memorable brand

Brandlective: 4 steps to a more memorable brand

Creating a strong brand is what helps the top businesses win and retain customers. London based Digital Marketing Agency, Brandlective has published their 4 step guide to establishing a more memorable brand.

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First impressions: Brandlective Communications reveals what makes a great company slogan

What makes a great company slogan?

Slogans are used by brands with the aim of getting stuck in the minds of their target audience – and potentially staying there. Although difficult to execute, just a handful of meticulously chosen words can convey a huge amount of invaluable information to a potential buyer. Digital marketing agency Brandlective Communications explores what it takes to ‘make company slogans great again’… Continue Reading

Keep on top of social media management using Brandlective’s how to guide

Top Tips to Keeping on top of Social Media Management

Social media has become a part of people’s everyday life, however it can become overwhelming. London-based online marketing agency, Brandlective have revealed their how to guide to keep on top of social media.
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Brandlective Communications reveal how to stay on top of Brand Management

How to Stay on Top of Brand Management

Online brand management firm Brandlective® has revealed the importance of a positive online reputation and has shared their top tips for staying on top of brand management. Continue Reading

Brandlective® - logo design

6 Factors That Will Change The Way You Approach Logo Design

A company logo is one of the core elements that contribute to the corporate identity of any business, so having a quality and professional design is paramount. Brandlective® shares 6 factors that business owners must avoid if they want to create a reputable business image.

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Brandlective: Why EVERY Small Business Needs a Website

Why EVERY Small Business Needs a Website

A staggering number of small businesses still don’t have a website. Brandlective® believe word of mouth can only do so much for a small enterprise, and are eager to promote why growth in today’s competitive market is reliant on having an online presence. Continue Reading