Brandlective: 4 steps to a more memorable brand

Creating a strong brand is what helps the top businesses win and retain customers. London based Digital Marketing Agency, Brandlective has published their 4 step guide to establishing a more memorable brand.

As a marketing company known for their ability to create bold, exciting brands and loyal customer bases, Brandlective believe understanding the most relevant aspects of building a memorable brand is imperative to successfully marketing a company.

Be Consistent Over Time and Across All Platforms

Standing out can be tough, and trying to convey too many messages to too many people at once, can make it even harder. Establishing a clear and concise messages and settling on this agenda, gives customers something to latch on to.

Be Unpredictable

Brands need to avoid adhering to the typical behaviours of their competitors and shouldn’t be afraid to stand out! Instead of giving in to the peer pressures of the industry, brands should have confidence in their brand and do something on-message which is unpredictable and exciting

Be Memorable

All writing consists of a voice. So does design. Brands need to make sure their identity comes through in all facets of their branding. They need to give people a reason to remember them. The downside of not being memorable isn’t being neutral; it’s forgettable. Combine visual design with captivating copy is a sure fire way of crafting a message consumers won’t forget.

Be Forward Thinking

Brands can keep themselves ahead of the crowd by remaining in the know with all the latest market trends. Brand innovation can be achieved by noticing previous successes and identifying how this can influence future campaigns.

Brandlective offer a range of personalised services to help companies gain exposure and build an outstanding online identity. The team of innovative marketers work relentlessly to give brands the most compelling, creative and savvy campaigns possible. Brandlective strive to define a tone of voice for their clients’ marketing, giving their brands a personality that entices waves of new customers. This can be extended across all social channels and throughout ad copy, with the company’s team of graphic designers working tirelessly to build an entire brand identity.