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At Brandlective we believe real and meaningful change comes through the worlds entrepreneurs; people just like you.

Our purpose is to help you create a powerful online presence that grows & accelerates your global footprint so that together we really can make a huge impact.

We believe we can do more to make a difference beyond our own immediate existence. So in 2017, we joined forces with B1G1, Business for Good. It is our way of making a difference and helping the world take smalls steps towards the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

100% of contributions made by B1G1 Businesses are passed directly to the chosen organisations through B1G1 Giving. B1G1 takes nothing from the contributions nor does it receive funds from charities in any way for the services it provides. And what’s more, the worthy causes who participate in the program must first be audited, and must also commit to using all B1G1 donations directly for assisting those in need. Nothing is allowed to be used to pay for overheads. The running costs for B1G1 are funded primarily by membership subscriptions of B1G1 business, either by an annual subscription or via a Lifetime membership.

100% of donated funds are passed to the approved projects!


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