Choosing a Company Name Google Will Love

At Brandlective Communications we think coming up with the right name company name is probably the single-most important branding concern for a business.

Choosing a name for your business is something you should invest some thought in order to come up with something memorable that represents your company image.

How to choose a name for my business?

Contact Brandlective Communications – We can run a search engine check on your name to determine how competitive the term is and give you the probability of how well the potential name will do when searching in Google.

What should I consider when choosing a business name?

Your company name will very often be the text used in linking to your website. It’s likely to be the single term for which you have the best chance of gaining a top rank on search engines.  Conversely, it’s a term for which you are going to really, really want that #1 rank, so you shouldn’t make it too hard on yourself.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for choosing a search-friendly company name:

  • DON’T go with a three letter acronym.  It may work for UPS and the IRS, but it’s a tough row to hoe for the average business and requires A LOT of SEO
  • DO make sure the business name is unique, or close to it.  If there are other businesses with the same name but in different industries, consider adding a clarifying word to your name: not just “Pinkies” but “Pinkies Books.”
  • DO include keywords in your business name if possible.  Suppose your name is Joe Figudacamp and you are starting a company that sells restaurant fixtures in the Salt Lake City area. You could call your business “Figudacamp Associates” or you could call it “Figudacamp Fixtures.” See how the second name includes a keyword, and is also a better description of the company? Continuing along this path, you might consider naming your company “Salt Lake City Restaurant Fixtures,” but oh, it’s so long and boring. Here’s where the fun brainstorming comes in. Can you incorporate keywords while still choosing a memorable company name that represents you nicely?
  • DON’T use a word that is also a common word in the English language, especially if it’s unrelated to your business focus.  Let’s say you’re a private investigator. Do you know how hard it’s going to be to rank #1 if the name of your business is “Sneakers”?  This advice applies to product names too.
  • DO think twice before using a personal name for the business. If your business is going to be tightly aligned with one person (interior designers or other consultants come to mind), and you have a unique, easy-to-remember, and easy-to-spell name, this might be a good choice.  If your name is common and you choose it as your business name, be sure to include differentiating terms: “John Miller Green Energy” will work better in the search arena than “John Miller Design.”
  • DON’T go changin’.  If you already have an established business name, it’s generally not a good idea to change it based on SEO reasoning alone.



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