Brandlective Communications: Attract more customers by integrating these features on your website

Whether a small startup or a multinational corporation, a fully functioning and interactive website is vital. London-based Brandlective Communications is urging companies to integrate these 5 vital elements into their website. 

Businesses large and small are losing out on business as the five key elements of an effective website are missing. Online Marketing Agency Brandlective Communications urges brands to check how their website measures up. The importance of an effective website can sometimes be overlooked; however, it is a simple yet effective way to expand market reach and offer additional marketing opportunities to prospects and customers.

Brandlective Communications report on principal features of a business website that if overlooked could cost companies business:

A powerful home page – The home page offers visitors an immediate first impression of the brand. A clear indication of brand values and purpose should be communicated here. Brandlective Communications urge companies to ensure the website is mobile ready, with 68% of consumers using smart devices daily, it would be foolish to create a platform that loses functionality with such a considerable market share. When developing the online home page, Brandlective Communications recommends using the following checklist to ensure clear communication. A website should allow visitors to quickly establish, what the business does, who it serves, why it exists and finally why a customer should care.

User-friendly navigation – With infographic reporting, the main consumer complaint when visiting a website is poor navigation, and the number one reason for website abandonment. Brands should ensure that they offer navigation to relevant pages on the website, to ensure information is available at no more than a few clicks. Considering the main reasons online shoppers would visit the site will help develop a powerful navigation menu. Brandlective Communications advises covering; information on available products and services, costing, business location and opening times, payment options and a platform to a sales outlet.

Search features – Websites with a search bar add additional navigation options for the consumer to improve their overall experience. Ensuring sufficient information is available to facilitate the search feature.

Access to help – Websites should include a direct contact to the business, consider online chat features or a direct contact information for customer care, suggests Brandlective Communications. Brands should offer an option to get in touch by phone, visiting stores or office, and email. Social Media today exposed 93% of small businesses for not offering an email contact to their website visitors.

FAQ page – As companies develop it is essential to add new and relevant information to assist customers with their enquiries quickly. This page should offer detailed insights to cover all aspects of common queries.

Brandlective® is a digital marketing agency based in London. The firm typically works with SMEs looking to develop a strong online presence and recently celebrated five years in business. The business specialises in services such as content marketing, social media management, website development and maintenance, reputation management and SEO.