Brandlective® - social media guide

With 2.3 billion active social media users across various platforms, PR and Social Media specialists, Brandlective recognises the massive business potential of social media and have shared their guide for attracting more followers.

In a world full of ever growing online platforms and ways to communicate, to enhance these tools, it is essential that people know and understand how it is their profiles are performing. Social media analytics are a great way of understanding how individual profiles are performing and provide insight into how they can be enhanced to increase this activity and engagement. Brandlective®’s social media guide outlines how this can be done for four of the most commonly used platforms today.

  1. Twitter

When viewing a Twitter profile as the owner of the account, on the right-hand side of the profile page there will be an analytics image. This graphic will show the number of impressions the profile has had over the last week, showing each day individually. By hovering over each day, the number of impressions for that particular day will appear below. This analytics box will also provide the option to view the week’s most popular tweets, allowing the profile owner to understand what their followers enjoy, enabling them to produce more of this type of content.

  1. Facebook

The majority of businesses today will have a Facebook page. Each and every business page will provide the page owner with the option to view their ‘Insights’. This will provide the page owner with information as to how the posts from the current week have performed compared to the previous week, as well as outlining engagement status and total page likes. This information will allow the business owner to tailor their posts to what people are enjoying and engaging with the most to increase page popularity.

  1. Google+

Google+ provides businesses with a variety of different web benefits, such as SEO. Out of all the social media platforms, this provides users with the least amount of analytical information, but the information it does provide can still be used beneficially. When logged into the page, the users will be able to see how many people have ‘+1’d” their individual posts. A “+1” means that someone has recommended this article or post to their followers. The more people that share a post, the more successful the post will become, the key to enhancing this is to produce more content of this type.

  1. Instagram

Instagram’s analytics are something that every user engages with day in day out. The amount of likes and comments on a post determines its success. This is all the analytics that Instagram users need to enhance their profiles. Users should make a note of which type of post is more successful with followers and which hashtags are most commonly used. Various web tools will allow users to discover which hashtags are more successful. Once reviewed, the key is to post more of what followers want to see to increase post reach.

Brandlective® is urging businesses to utilise social media platforms and the reach that is possible through these to increase engagement with the brand itself. Social media is an ever growing tool for businesses today, and by using these platforms to their advantage, businesses will be able to fulfil their ultimate purpose. The more people that find a business through social media, and can see what it is they do, the more people will be willing to buy into the brand itself.

Brandlective® is a London-based online marketing agency which specialises in increasing the online presence of all clients through methods such as social media marketing, SEO, Web Design and more. Brandlective® work with a variety of SME’s looking to increase their market reach and brand loyalty. The firm is an advocate of utilising online tools to create an excellent online customer experience.