Rachel – Marketing & PR Specialist

Rachel graduated from Southampton Solent University with a BA (Hons) in Popular Music Journalism. After gaining experience in both print and digital media she joined Brandlective where she works in a demanding online marketing and PR role. She is the go-to person for all reputation management inquiries and overseas all online marketing campaigns.

Fun Fact:  Rachel enjoys travelling and worked for a time in NYC.


Becca – SEM Specialist

Becca is a Google Adwords professional (GAP), certified in the Fundamentals and Advanced Search Exams. With over 7 years’ experience in PPC & Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Becca is responsible for creating Brandlective’s Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, the optimization of search and display network campaigns and data analysis and reporting.

Fun Fact:


Stacey – Communications Director

Stacey works in a business development role and works as Brandlective’s Communications Director. She oversees all online marketing, branding and SEO requirements for our clients, throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, USA & Canada. Stacey also works at acquiring new business opportunities for the agency, maintains client relationships and handles reporting.

Fun Fact: Stacey enjoys travelling off the beaten track and has travelled to a total of 51 countries.


Megan – Social Media Marketer

An enthusiastic blogger, Megan joined Brandlective as a social media marketer and content developer following the completion of her Publishing studies. An extremely imaginative individual, our clients seek out Megan to produce original and intriguing content for their blogs. Her creative nature has led to her taking a lead role in producing all of our print design materials.

Fun Fact:  Megan is currently working on her second novel and maintains her own personal blog


Zenya- Social Media Marketer

A Creative Writing graduate from the University of Greenwich, Zenya joined Brandlective as a content developer and social media marketer. Her attention to detail has led to her being our go-to person for all design projects including social media cover imagery and marketing materials.

Fun Fact:  Zenya also owns a handmade vintage stationary business which keeps her busy outside of the office.


Adam – Web Developer

Adam designs websites with a ‘Mobile First’ focus. Specialising in generating WordPress custom themes, Adam also is brilliant at coding E-Newsletters which are imperative to any firm in sustaining customer interaction. Last but not least, Adam also produces Business cards, Flyers and Posters for promotions and such like.

Fun Fact: Although UK born, Adam has lived in Prague, Czech Republic for the last 7 years.


Briony – Social Media Marketer

Briony has a degree in Forensic Science which she took to because of her love of CSI. With an extensive background in sales and marketing Briony joined Brandlective as a social media marketer. Briony has recently moved to Australia which has helped to develop stronger business relationships with our clients in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fun Fact: Briony is a keen music lover and has been to over 50 gigs.


Vicky – Press Release & Website Content Writer

Vicky started out as a teacher but wanted an exciting career change so joined Brandlective as a content writer, writing weekly press releases and website content for a range of clients. Vicky’s teaching background has provided transferable skills which help her to create engaging online content.

Fun Fact: Vicky used to be a geography teacher and enjoys keeping fit and playing sport.


Danielle – Content Writer & Publisher

Danielle joined Brandlective as a content writer and publisher. Danielle’s extensive knowledge and previous experience in sales and advertising has helped her develop a keen eye for proof-reading and ensuring that her writing truly expresses the client’s views on a subject matter.

Fun Fact: Danielle completes all of these tasks whilst juggling her two children, which has led to extraordinary organisational skills.