If you’re hoping to boost your online traffic with better ads, then this blog post could be your golden ticket…


The number of users on social media is increasing. On Facebook alone, the number of users is projected to reach 33 million in the UK by 2018, and as advertising becomes saturated businesses will need to step up and make sure they are falling in line with best practice.


1) Avoid spreading yourself too thin

Choosing to push content out across every mainstream social media network is one of the biggest pitfalls when creating a digital marketing strategy. We believe that quality over quantity rules supreme when it comes to social media advertising – the one size fits all ‘scatter gun’ approach is becoming less and less effective. Instead of pumping out numerous average adverts on lots of social media channels, create one or two awesome ones that truly resonate with their intended audience.


2) Use different adverts for different results

It’s simple – different adverts need to be used for different goals. Adverts for each channel should be tailored and tactical whilst maintaining a consistent message that falls in line with your branding. For brand awareness campaigns, don’t just think about the lead generation side of things, instead place a greater focus on creating remarkable, ‘snackable’ content that makes users who view it want to know more about your brand. Also avoid overuse or overly repeating adverts, as this may end up losing you more business than you gain.


3) Compare with your competition

Benchmarking your strategy against the competition is an essential part of creating a good social media advert. Sure, you may back the creative geniuses that are your ad writers, but evaluating your positioning against the competition may help feed your inspiration, and provide valuable insights that you can then replicate to guarantee success for your own strategy.


4) Get the design right.

First impressions are hugely important in this increasingly shallow, digitalised world we find ourselves living in. Incorrectly sized adverts for specific networks not only look sloppy, they can actually lead to unfollows. You could have the best copy and visually stimulating material money can buy for your industry, but if half of it doesn’t display on mobile, it’s could all be for nothing. Use ad dimensions cheat sheets like this one here to ensure your adverts appear correctly on your audience’s timelines.